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"The most famous radio DJ of all time!"


Every night for over six decades, millions of people have listened to Wolfman Jack on the radio.  They love his outrageous persona and the great music he plays on his show.  During the peak of his radio career, Wolfman Jack was heard on over 2000 radio stations in 53 countries.  He was also the first Radio DJ to nationally distribute a weekly show.  Wolfman enjoyed national popularity.  Through his radio show and many TV appearances, he dominated the social media scene, years before the invention of the Internet.


Wolfman Jack was born Robert Weston Smith, in Brooklyn, New York, on January 21, 1938. As a young teenager, he would listen to the radio in his home’s basement, where he pretended to be the DJ.  His early influences were the DJ's of his day like Tommy Small, The Hound and Jocko.


The World Famous Wolfman Jack Radio Show


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Produced by Wolfman Jack Licensing


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Our documentary feature film tells the true story about Wolfman Jack's international rise to fame and the huge impact he had on the radio and music business. Through filmed interviews with his family, friends, fans, including many celebrities, co-workers and co-stars, plus photos and historic film clips, with love and respect, we reveal the man and the myth.

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